If something is not working I'll get it fixed for you as quickly as I can. I usually reply to emails within an hour on weekdays (depending on my local time of day) and a day or so on weekends.You can email me at

Taara.Games for KaiOS Phones

Our games are designed to work on all phones running KaiOS 2.5.2 and greater.

If you are using KaiOS 3.0 and one of our games have not yet been released for that version, please email and I'll will set it up. I'm am working to bring all the games to 3.0 as soon as possible.

It is recommend that your KaiOS device have at least 512mb of RAM.

How To Find Our Games

You can download our games from the KaiOS Store directly on your KaiOS device where available.

Open the KaiOS Store on your phone. In the search bar type in "Taara" and it will list all of our games currently available.

Jio Phone

Currently there is no way to play our games on Jio Phone. If you would like to see our games on Jio Phone contact Jio support directly and tell them that you want to see Taara games in their store.